Aircraft Brokerage of Texas is excited to announce that we are now in the businesses of leasing Robinson Helicopters.  We currently can offer flexible leasing options for both R22 and R44 aircraft.

Leasing is great for a variety of operations and allow you to get your aviation business off the ground with very little capital.  

We base our lease agreements off your current business needs, this includes, term, monthly minimum and other costs, if applicable.  No two businesses are alike, so our flexible options mean you get what’s best for your business.

All of our leases require a refundable deposit which is paid back at the end of the pre-determined lease term.

  • R22 Beta / Beta II – $4,500
  • R44 Raven I / Raven II – $9,500

Our lease is a Dry Lease so you are financially responsible for:

  • Maintenance – this includes any scheduled (100 HR / Annual) or unscheduled maintenance.  If your operation is in Texas, our sister company SVT Aviation Maintenance can service your leased helicopter at a discounted rate of 15% of current hourly shop rate.
  • Parts – We can drop ship parts to your location and offer discounted pricing.
  • Fuel – For Texas based operators we can sell you bulk fuel at decreased rate
  • Pilot
  • Insurance (Must be a US based company)
  • Hangar – We require our leased aircraft to be kept under cover or hangared.

We Cover:

  • Over-haul reserve
  • AD / SB compliance


Contact us to find out more about leasing a helicopter for your business needs.